Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Things

Life is kind of fabulous right now. I'm not sure if that's an indication that I'm living my life right, or if this is one of those moments where I'm supposed to catch my breath before the next crisis hits.

Within the past week I've

  • Saved one of my friend's from dropping out of school because of financial problems
  • Met Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • Had dinner with the Samoan Head of State
  • Won an essay contest that I wrote an essay for 3 hours before the deadline, and got $200 for it.
I think that that's a pretty good week, all things considered. 

By the way

  • I moved to an amazing apartment with my own room
  • My roommates are angels and hilarious ones at that
  • I use half the gas in my car as I did before
  • I discovered that Peppermint ice cream is my new favorite flavor (It tastes like Christmas!)
  • My voice teacher helped me find my true singing voice
  • My professor pays students "grammer bucks"
  • I figured out how to do the poofy Utah hair that girls wear (tip: lots of teasing and hairspray)
  • Tonight I ran into one of my efy girls, a friend from high school, and an efy counselor friend, all at a Stake activity which means we'll be seeing a lot of each other
  • I still have a job in the President's Office on campus
  • My boss is a genius
The List of Happy Things could go on and on. 

I feel pridefully accomplished. And very happy. If only my homework would work on itself. Or that I could do it in my sleep. That would be amazing. 

Find something in life to be grateful for. There are tons of things all around us that we miss in the day to day stress. Finding things that make you happy will help you live longer.

I think.




Jillian said...

Great post, Anne! I'm so glad to hear that things are going well for you. And thanks for the reminder to be grateful! ;)

Sarah said...

you are so cute, I am so glad life is so great!

Abzi said...

This is such a fab post. You're amazing and I miss you!